Viola Muse Collection at JHS

When documents bear explicit titles, as in the case of "Black Angels Versus White Angels," we reproduce them, enclosed within quotation marks.

In situations where such titles are not present, we impose titles according to the following criteria, omitting quotation marks:

  1. When the document contains information primarily about a person, we name it simply with that individual's name, as in the case of Hattie Chisolm.
  2. When a document records the content of an interview with an individual, we indicate that in the title, as in Irene Coates Interview Notes.
  3. When neither of the above apply, we provide a label that describes the general contents of the item, as in Notes About Artwork.

When, following these rules, two items would have the same title, we append (# of #), as in Reverend Thomas H.B. Walker (1 of 2) and Reverend Thomas H.B. Walker (2 of 2).

Some items contain titles that we regard as general labels or that are too broad when taken out of context. In these instances, we formulate a narrower descriptive title, as in scenario 3 above. For instance, we title as Notes on Art at LaVilla Park School a document titled in the original "LaVilla Park School," but which deals only with art at that institution.

Following similar logical, we have added Questionnaire to the titles of the items in JHS Folder 6, rendering the title of a document labeled "Literature" as Questionnaire: "Literature."

Ancillary Materials

We have named the items from WPA Slave Narratives, vol. 3 (Collection 19) with descriptive titles, such as Charles Coates Narrative (2 of 2). As described above, we add (# of #) to differentiate those items from others with the same name in the collection.

When the selections we have taken from the manuscript of The Florida Negro have titles, we incorporate these into our titles, such as in the case of "Git It 'n Run!" from The Florida Negro. When this is not the case, we provide descriptive titles, such as Biographical Sketch of W.E. Dancer in The Florida Negro.