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Mathematical calculations related to the Charles Coates Interview Notes and Irene Coates Interview Notes. Because these calculations do not occur within the flow of either set of notes, and because they relate to both, we have present them here as a…

An incomplete version of page 4 of the Charles Coates Narrative (1 of 2).The text that begins this page ("somewhat like a collar") follows directly the text that ends page 3 of that document ("It fitted around the neck tightly"), while the text that…

The version of the Charles Coates narrative published in Works Progress Administration Federal Writers’ Project, Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, vol. 3, Library of Congress, 1941,…

A narrative based on the Charles Coates Interview Notes. The word Copy is handwritten diagonally across the entire first page. See also the related Incomplete Page 4 of Charles Coates Narrative (1 of 2).

Notes that Viola Muse made during her interview with Charles Coates, aged 108, a long-time resident of Jacksonville, Florida.The interview was conducted on December 3, 1936, at the home of Coates and his wife Irene, also interviewed by Muse on that…
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