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A drawing of a scene ostensibly in ancient Rome, with a man in a toga holding a spear and another laying beside him on a stone floor, with a building that appears to be the Pantheon in background. Given that several other pieces of artwork by…

A drawing presumably of the 1930s Hollywood actress Patricia "Boots" Mallory. Mallory was apparently a lesser-known celebrity and does not appear to figure in many studies and repertories of 1930s film stars. She is, however, registered in the…

A drawing of inventor and motorboat racer Garfield Wood, with explanatory text. Wood won the Harmsworth Trophy, mentioned in this drawing, numerous times between 1920 and 1933. See J. Lee Barrett, Speedboat Kings: 25 Years of International…

A drawing of Charles Lindbergh kneeling on his plane with the Eiffel tower in the background
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