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The students in Viola Muse's 1957-1958 kindergarten class, dressed in white suits and dresses, standing in a single row on a stage, with Muse behind them. The students' names are written by hand across the bottom.

Viola Muse and Caledonia Simpson posing outdoors. The handwritten caption at the bottom reads "Vie & Callye Simpson" and "Vie & Caledonia" is written on the back.

Viola Muse and an unidentified woman, posing on a city street in front of what appear to be multi-story residential buildings. In the bottom margin is written "Viola B Muse & Friend."

Viola Muse posing for a photograph in what appears to be a rural setting

A photograph of three men standing in front of a horse-drawn carriage

Durkeeville Housing Project image number 109

Durkeeville Housing Project image number 96

A group photo of the staff of the Vole Beauty Culture College in Tampa, with Viola Muse seated in front row, seventh from right. The text written over the bottom of the photo reads: M.F. Mullins[,] pres. (Mrs.) V.B. Mullins[,] superintendent of…

A formal portrait of Dr. Priestly Mullins, Viola Muse's first husband. The writing on the back of the photograph reads "P.L. Mullins."

Photograph of a building under construction, with J. P. Small Memorial Stadium in the background

A photograph of homes surrounding at circular plaza at Durkeeville Housing Project

Viola Muse, another woman, and a group of children seated around a table. "Nov 6 1961" is written across the top margin and "Kindergarten Children" across the bottom. "Mrs. Viola B. Muse" is written on the back.

Viola Muse and Bea (Beatrice?) Muse, posing in a wooded area with what appears to be a white house in the background. At the bottom of the photo is written "Bea Muse — Vie Muse." Back of photo reads: Bea & Vie MuseTaken atRiverton[,] New Jersey
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