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Biographical sketch of author W.E. Dancer found on p. 151 of the manuscript copy of The Florida Negro housed in the State Archives of Florida (S1585) and available through the Florida Memory website of the State Library and Archives of Florida.…

Apparently the beginning of an incomplete list of references for the information Muse gathered on literature, analgous to "Art — References." This page contains only one citation, to Along This Way by James Weldon Johnson, with instructions for…

Discussion of poet and musician Pattie Louphelia Busby Green, with beginning of one of her poems. This appears to be an incomplete copy of Pattie Louphelia Busby Green (1 of 5) or Pattie Louphelia Busby Green (2 of 5). Although, like those, this copy…

Notes regarding Aria Louise Rogers, a high school student who writes poetry and contributes to the Florida Tattler

Discussion of W.E. Dancer's Sunshine and Shadows and biographical notes about the author. See also Sunshine and Shadowsby W.E. Dancer (2 of 2) and Biographical Sketch of W.E. Dancer inThe Florida Negro.

Questions and instructions for gathering information related to literary production in Black community. This is is related to, but different from, Questionnaire: "Literature" (2 of 2).
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