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An advertisement for Viola Muse's hair product/salon. located in the Masonic Temple at 410 Broad Street in Jacksonville.

Viola Muse, Emmet Willis, and a cousin of Willis' sister identified as Mrs. Carlwell. "Viola Muse — Emmet Willis" is written across the top margin, and "Mrs. Carlwell Emmet's Sr's Cousin" across the bottom.

Viola Muse, Emmet Willis, and a cousin of Willis' sister identified as Mrs. Carlwell. No writing is present on this photo, but identifications are possible due to Viola Muse, Emmet Willis, and His Cousin at Her Home and Viola Muse, Emmet Willis, and…

A photograph of Viola Muse and two men, seated indoors, apparently in her home. The writing on the back reads: Viola Muse, EmmetWillis & his Cousintaken at her houseafter Vigie's (?) Funeral.Too dark

This item appears to be a photographic postcard featuring (counter-clockwise from lower left) Viola Muse; Dr. Priestly Mullins, her first husband; Lorenzo Graham; and an unidentified woman. The boat showing the name Grey Eagle in the background…

Viola Muse seated on a balcony with multi-story residential building in background

Viola Muse posing for a photograph on what appears to be an unpaved residential street. "Viola B Muse" is written by hand across the top of the image.

Viola Muse in an indoor setting, apparently a home, bending forward in what appears to be a candid or accidental photo. In the left margin is embossed the date "Jan 1962" and written by hand at the bottom is "Vie Muse 1961."

Viola Muse seated on a couch, looking directly into the camera. "Vie Muse 1966" is written into the bottom margin.

Viola Muse and an unidentified woman, posing on a city street in front of what appear to be multi-story residential buildings. In the bottom margin is written "Viola B Muse & Friend."

Viola Muse and a woman identified as "Hossie" posing in a park or a forested area. At the bottom of the photo is written "Me & Hossie."


Viola Muse and a woman identified as Caledonia Simpson posing outdoors. The handwritten caption at the bottom reads "Vie & Callye Simpson" and on the reverse is written "Vie & Caledonia."
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