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A short poem about the arrival of spring by Billie Winner, a student at LaVilla Park School

A drawing of Beethoven by Fred O'Neale, a student at LaVilla Park School

A discussion of the "Star Edition" of the Florida Times-Union, for which the African American communities of Jacksonville were the target audience

A discussion of The Jacksonville Advocate, a weekly newspaper for Jacksonville's African American communities

A list of abbreviations used in the annotations and Dublin Core metadata

An incomplete alternate version of page 4 of Irene Coates Narrative (1 of 4).We have cataloged as a separate document (Material Related to "Early Jacksonville History: Introduction") the notes on this page that are written by hand with the paper…

An alternative version of page 4 of "Early Jacksonville History: Introduction" (3 of 3). This version is similar but not identical to the page 4 present in that item.Another copy of this same alternative page 4 exists in the archive. We have not…

A narrative based on the experiences of Anna Scott.

Pages 3-5 of this document present an addendum (to which Muse refers as a "rider"), the text of which, according to Muse's notes, was to be inserted in the middle of page 2. The pagination of…

The version of the Anna Scott narrative published in Works Progress Administration Federal Writers’ Project, Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, vol. 3, Library of Congress, 1941, pp.…

Biographical notes for the artist Benjamin A. Richardson and a description of one of his works. This document discusses the same topics as Benjamin A. Richardson (1 of 3), but in greater detail.

Biographical notes for the artist Benjamin A. Richardson and a description of one of his works. The entire text is crossed out.
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