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Description of a painting of an "Indian Chief" by unknown artist, found in home of Thelma Livingston Roberts. This document occupies the back of the same paper as Thelma Livingston Roberts and Smart P. Livingston (3 of 3), and is written above the…

Biographical notes for Smart P. Livingston, with a description of one of his paintings. The first two lines appear to be struck in the original, but we preserve them in both the transcription and reading version, as they are needed to introduce the…

Notes about artist George H. Leaphart. See also George H. Leaphart (1 of 2). This document is found on same paper as the apparently unrelated documents Thelma Livingston Roberts, Smart P. Livingston (3 of 3) and Description of Painting of "Indian…

Notes on work by artist Thelma Livingston Roberts, who draws and colors in crayon. Bottom half of page corresponds to the document Smart P. Livingston (2 of 4).

Biographical notes for artist Benjamin A. Richardson and a description of one of his works. The entire text is crossed out.

A second version of the biographical sketch of John Henry Adams. For more information, see John Henry Adams (1 of 3).The first page of this document is physically located in JHS Folder 2, but the second is in JHS Folder 8. The section "Organization…

Biographical sketch of John Henry Adams, painter of biblical subjects as Jesus Before Pilate, The Accused Woman, and Christ and Nicodemus, as well as of a life-size portrait of General W. W. Andrews, Grand Chancellor of Knights of Pythias of Florida…

Biographical notes for artist Benjamin A. Richardson and a description of one of his works. Discusses the same topics as Benjamin A. Richardson (1 of 3), but the text is more detailed.
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