JHS Folder 15: Slavery — Irene Coates, Felix Littlejohn

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JHS Folder 15: Slavery — Irene Coates, Felix Littlejohn



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Felix L. Littlejohn Interview Notes
Notes from Muse's interview with Felix L. Littlejohn

Portia Thorington
An incomplete note regarding Portia Thorington's belief in a bad omen.Thorington is mentioned on the first page of a program for the Women's Day activities held at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church in 1957 that is found in the Eartha MM White…

Irene Coates Narrative (3 of 4)
An incomplete narrative based on the Irene Coates Interview Notes.Pages 3-6 of this document are missing. We have numbered the pages and images leaving a corresponding gap (1-2, 7-10).

Anna Scott Narrative (2 of 3)
A narrative based on the experiences of Anna Scott.

Pages 3-5 of this document present an addendum (to which Muse refers as a "rider"), the text of which, according to Muse's notes, was to be inserted in the middle of page 2. The pagination of…
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